Band Members Suspected in Arson

Firebug Suspected in Pike Warehouse Blaze

Flubug – Band members of the controversial psychobilly outfit, Hellions, are suspected of setting fire to an abandoned warehouse in Bradshaw’s Pike before taking the stage at The Ditch on Saturday night. The group, all of whom have lengthy police records and served time at the Brackwater State Correctional Facility, played to a raucous audience despite the fact that their curfews bar them from being outside after 6pm.

Hellions’ Lead Singer Firebug

Lead singer, Firebug, seemed to flaunt his reputation as a convicted arsonist by blowing 15-foot fireballs from the stage to the delight of his inebriated fans, many of whom screamed, “Higher! Higher!” as the flames leapt toward the ceiling. Others brandished empty gas cans with the band’s ubiquitous logo which have come to symbolize their impatience with the status quo.

Demonstrations of such frustration, however, may not be tolerated much longer if Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey has his way. “I think it’s high time we shut that club down,” he said from the site of the blazing warehouse. “Allowing known arsonists to break curfew, stage uncontrollable pyrotechnics and incite riots is more than enough grounds to yank their license. Mandy knows goddam well she crossed the line this time and we’re gonna have a little chat.”

Bradshaw RFD

He paused to watch RFD #2’s old pumper clunk onto the scene. “Where the hell you guys been? We called you an hour ago!”

As yet, no arrests have been made and The Ditch remains open.


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