Ditch Packs House for Weekend Blockbuster

The Ditch, Beantown – They started arriving at five on Saturday afternoon. By six, when the doors first opened, the crowd stretched up 6th Street to the Check N Pay. No one seemed to mind the forty dollar cover. They just wanted to see a blockbuster lineup at The Ditch. And they got it.

First up was J-Lok, an all-girl, four piece, post-grunge band led by Dixi Capri, a local fave who grew up in Watersbad Canyon. Dixi screamed for an hour in her Watersbad drawl then paused mid-set to address the crowd. “Y’all think this place needs a liquor license?” The crowd roared as they finished their well-rehearsed set with a fast-paced medley that included “Bug Spray,” “Poison Hells” and “Miasma Fetus.”Diaphragm, Anna Rexic and Post Partum gave stellar performances.

Next was “Doc” Longsleeves who appeared for the first time without beloved bassist, Dooley, who died during a failed chemistry experiment. Leadman, Albino Poo, led the crowd in a moment of silence with Dex Strongarm beating his snare in stuccato. A moment later, they launched into the violent, sweat-shaking frenzy that made them so popular. Tweedle Doo’s guitar work was a blast furnace with Tubby Toast shaking the walls with his drums. And Dope did a helluva job filling Dooley’s hefty shoes. “Irish Jig,” Dooley’s favorite, was perhaps their most memorable anthem.

After a short break, which clubbers took to reload their rigs and snort their way to Nirvana, ADRD took the stage. Feedback rang from Smiley Smile’s stacked amplifiers as Cringe screamed into the mike, “Do it up, Flubug! There’s no reason to live ‘til tomorrow!” With that Cringe and the gang catapulted into a maniacal song list that included “Donor’s Blues,” “Missed,” “Cotton Madness,” “Amputee” and “Suicide Note.”

Perhaps the only flaw in an otherwise flawless performance came when local groupie, Snow White Trash, leapt onstage to grab Cringe’s crotch in a revolting display of unbridled adoradtion. ADRD is set to release a new CD this summer.

Groupie “Trash”

At 1:00am, Magneto, lead singer for Driller, ran onto the stage followed by Warpath, Sabretooth, Mastermind and Juggernaut, all dressed in their X-Men masquerade. But there was nothing phony about their sound. The polished metal band from (of all places) Hormel blew the house down with a blistering barage of screams, stops, samples, drums and unrelenting guitar. No wonder these guys get top billing wherever they play. Truly a night to remember for any Ditch afficionado.


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