Chrystal Rules The Roost!

by Dardanelles, Flubug Staff

By now it should be obvious to all students of the Flubug music scene that Chrystal rules the roost. The undisputed “king pins” of The Ditch, Like Chrystal, swept aside all doubts Thursday night when they delivered a powerhouse performance to a roaring crowd.

From the first acerbic chords of “Cracklin’ Fire,” Chrystal and the boys roared through a ninety minute, two-set show that left the packed house howling for more. With a heavy-hitting rhythm section, fortified by Dr. Longsleves’ Dex Strongarm on congas and found percussion, Like Chrystal showed every attendee why they set the standard for “meth rock” in Flubug.

Chrystal Thompson was an absolute vision, bedecked in a torn “Use Me” t-shirt, BCOL sweat pants and ruby red sneakers. Her sidekick and KRAK co-host, Peppy White, matched her incredible energy with his own “high” spirits, exhorting his bandmates and crowd with windmill, Townsendesque chords and animated duck walks.Like Chrystal poster

Their playlist was equally impressive. Chrystal’s staccato howls pierced a punchy version of “Glass Pipe Gigolo,” followed by a doleful version of The Nodders classic, “Is That the Couch?” For an encore, the crew was joined onstage by none other than Zbiggy Sawdust. Together, they brought the house down with a rousing rendition of Bowie’s “Queen Bitch.”

No one but Chrystal could pull that one off.


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